RedMoose is a small New Zealand company, based on the sunny Kapiti Coast.

We pride ourselves in having good old fashioned Kiwi values, while providing a select range of good qualitly outdoor equipment, as well as items for both your outdoor enjoyment and general home life.  Because we believe in what we sell - we personally use the products we sell.

We understand that everyone’s view and expectation on the New Zealand outdoors is different.

We understand those people who like to take their truck load of camping gear to Pauanui every year where they unload the fridge, heater and lights. Where a multiroom monstrosity of a tent is pitched, for a month of camping with all the luxuries of normal life.

While we also on the other hand understand the great kiwi who loves “going bush” in the Urewera’s for weeks on end with nothing more than a tarpaulin, some rice and a single change of clothes where they enjoy staying in a different place every night sleeping on the ground under the stars.

Plus we also understand those people who would just like to stay at home and work on their house and garden so we pride ourselves in having what everyone needs.  While we are only a small company, we are reguraly expanding our product range,  to include more high qualitly useful products.

We the people behind Red Moose understand both of these types of people because we have been them, and we are them so we specialize in assisting you make the outdoors what you want it to be!

We welcome questions and comments, so please feel free to contact us.