Victorinox - Companion For Life

Victorinox is the leader in Swiss Army knives. Victorinox founded in 1884. And since 1891, the company has manufactured and delivered knives to the Swiss army. One of Victorinox's first knives was the The Officer's and Sports Knife;

In 1909 the famous emblem—a cross in a shield was added and has been used since. That year, the mother of founder Karl Elsener died and he named the company "Victoria" in her honour. In 1921, with the introduction of "inox" (ab. for acier inoxydable, the French term for stainless steel) into their products, the brand and name of the company became the present "Victorinox" .

Many Attempts have been made worldwide to copy Victorinox knives and its symbol of superior craftsmanship - The red handle knife bearing the "Cross & Shield." Don't be fooled by imitations. To ensure your product is an authentic Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife or specialty tool, simply look at the base of your large blade for the Victorinox name. All knives have rust-free aluminum alloy separators, blades made of stainless steel, and brass rivets and bushings used to hold the knife layers together.

All Victorinox products are Guaranteed for life.