As it starts to rain outside, there is no better time own a Blunt umbrella.

Powered by a unique canopy radial tensioned system the Blunt umbrella sets a new benchmark in umbrella performance.

At RedMoose we just think they’re brilliant and a classic ‘why has no-one done this before?!’ … designed by a kiwi.  Blunt umbrellas are a revolution in umbrella design – not only are they designed not to poke people’s eyes out (never a good time), but they can also withstand ridiculously strong winds (even a strong Wellington southerly).

The Blunt is a solid, reliable wet-weather sanctuary. Its unique construction may not be readily apparent, but you will definitely notice the difference in a storm.

We stock BLUNT's in a range of styles (Classic, Mini and Mini+) and a range of colours (blue, yellow, red, grey and black),  and if we don't have the umbrella you want we can order it in.

BLUNT umbrellas have been described as Safe, Elegant, Aerodynamic, its the umbrellas greatest technological leap since the 1920s!

BLUNT umbrellas featured a fully tensioned canopy.

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All BLUNT™ Umbrellas come with a two year warranties.