Crosbies Hut in the CoromandelThe Department of Conversation

The New Zealand Department of Conservation is fantastic resource of both information and further to that a major part of its their work,covers the management of family picnic sites, as well as maintaining rugged backcountry tracks and over 1000 accompanying backcountry huts that are used by hunters and recreational trampers plus DOC also manages some fantastic campsite like the beautiful Matata campsite.

DOC also administers the Nature Heritage Fund, and is responsible for rural fire control.

DOC have some fantastic information and advise about the great outdoors in New Zealand and there information centers can be found throughout the country.

Also if you need to report any conversation based emergencies including;

  • Conservation-related law enforcement (for example illegal white-baiting, vandalism of huts and tracks, removal of plants from reserves, killing or catching of native wildlife, fishing in marine reserves, disturbing marine mammals),
  • Sick or injured wildlife; -Marine mammal stranding (whales and dolphins only);
  • Safety Watch (damaged and/or unsafe DOC visitor facilities)

Then please call the DOC emergency hotline 0800 DOCHOT (0800 362 468).

As we want the pristine environment to be kept for everybody to enjoy.

Please remember for all Fire and Search and Rescue emergencies, call 111.

Matata Beach next to the Matata Campsite