A key to transforming yourself from a casual angler, to an angler who regularly catches fish is knowing where the fish are more likely to be. This is called 'reading the water'. Fishing in the wrong places might 'turn you off' from fishing completely, which is a pitfall that novice anglers often fall into. Your best chances of locating trout would be a place that fulfills three main criteria:

1.Abundance in food supply. If there happens to be a current, the fish will look for slower water nearby while allowing the currents to deliver food for them. If there is wind, fish the downwind side for the wind and waves concentrate the food against the shoreline for fish.

2.Sheltered, so it can be a covered area or deep water. The cover can be something lie fallen trees, overhanging vegetation, weed beds or rocks. Such places offer a sanctuary for prey species, and they also serve as hiding locations for ambush predators. The best places to fish usually offer both change in depth and cover.

3. Water is well-oxygenated.

Another place that fish really like to be around is margins. Margins are the edges separating shallow water from deep water, cover and open water or fast and slow water. Moreover, an obvious clue for a fish-abundant zone would be the presence of birds flocking and diving over that zone.

Now that you know how to read the water and find the perfect fishing spot, you need to make sure you have the right bait and RedMoose has got you covered with Freeze Dried Bait Company's finest baits! The baits don't need to be refrigerated, and all you need to do is just add some water to them, and viola, the concentrated scent is slowly released into the water like a burley trail attracting fish. The baits are in zip-lock packages for easier use and optimal freshness, which makes them great for remote fishing trips. The package has a bonus illustration on the back of AFN Handy Knots and Rigs. Furthermore, the baits cover most popular species including Pink Snapper, WA Dhufish, Jewfish, Red Emperor and Coral Trout. The bait package come in many options; Real Shrimp 20g, Real Squid pieces 40g & 300g and Whole Baby Squid 50g & 300g.  

How to use the Freeze Dried Bait
Step 1: Tear open packet.
Step 2: Add water to contents - can be collected from where you are fishing
Step 3: Wait for the bait to hydrate - approximately 5-10 mins.
Once hydrated, bait is ready to use.                                                         

Step 4: Seal the pack with the remaining bait for next time.


                                                                       Now you are all set to cast your line!