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  • National map series

    Buy the very best maps from the New Zealand national map series including both the topo 50 and topo 250 map series. From North Cave to Dargaville, Auckland, Napier, Murchison and Martins Bay right across NZ. Buy the best maps for exploring the best of New Zealand. If you need maps of Alexandra, Timaru or Christchurch our New Zealand national map series is sure to have what you need.

  • Geographx Maps

    Geographx has stunning 3D maps for each of the nine New Zealand Great Walks

    These maps are double-sided and available folded or flat (rolled). Each has a 2D plan map of the featured track on one side and a 3D map of the wider region on the reverse (the exception is the Whanganui River map, where different sections of the river are featured on each side).

    Geographxare masters at creating 3D maps based on plan oblique and orthographic oblique projections that create a pleasing end product free from some of the distortions the more usual perspective view creates. The techniques create parallel projection lines and places the viewpoint at infinity. Crucially, they allow features in the landscape to remain figural and work particularly well in mountainous regions. Additionally, the photo-realistic textures and colours used give us a sense of place and the natural beauty of the landscape which is used to great effect here to highlight the snow covered slopes of Mounts Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe. The addition of more traditional topographic content (vector lines, point symbols and labels) allows it to go beyond merely the artistic and also serve well as a reference map.

  • Department of...

    Parkmaps produced by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC)

  • Topo50 maps

    Topo Maps NZ

    The Topo50 map series provides topographic mapping for the New Zealand mainland and Chatham Islands at 1:50,000 scale and replaces the NZMS260 series.

    Topo50 is the official topographic map series used by New Zealand emergency services. 

    The Topo250 map series provides topographic mapping for the New Zealand mainland and Chatham Islands at 1:250,000 scale and replaces the NZMS262 series. - See more at:
  • Topo250 maps

    The Topo250 map series provides topographic mapping for the New Zealand mainland and Chatham Islands at 1:250,000 scale and replaces the NZMS262 series.

  • Touring Maps

    We carry the KiwiMap range of touring maps,  which covers New Zealand. The KiwiMap range includes there Minimap,Pathfinder, Metromap, Megamap and Rural Road Map Series.

    KiwiMap Minimap Series

    KiwiMaps Minimap series is the original and classic, pocket-size Kiwimap. This is a range of economical, compact maps that fold to a convenient size suitable for the pocket or purse. They include enlargements of the main cities and town centres and may feature detailed district maps relevant to the region being covered. City and township roads and streets are fully indexed.

    KiwiMap Pathfinder Series

    KiwiMap Pathfinder sheet & book-maps are high quality, full colour detailed street maps offering users a large scale, easy to read, accurate product. These maps are extremely detailed, being suitable for users requiring a larger map featuring extra information including: schools, parks, post shops, police stations, inner-city enlargements, detailed motorways, traffic lights, roundabouts, hospitals, medical centres, and tourist information.

    KiwiMap Metromap Series

    KiwiMap Metromaps are available for Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch areas.Each Metromap covers the entire metropolitan area of the relevant city on one sheet map. For example, the Auckland Complete Metromap covers Auckland from Long Bay to Drury including the Western and Easter Suburbs.

    KiwiMap Megamap Series

    KiwiMap Megamap series covers Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
    With the core city pages enlarged to a scale of 1:20,000 and the maps styled for clarity so they are even easier to read, the Megamap range is ideal for anyone desiring a larger Kiwimaps book map.

    KiwiMap Rural Road Map Series

    KiwiMap Rural road series is a set of sheet and book maps covering New Zealand's rural roads and New Zealand Cycle Trails. The Rural Road sheet-maps are designed to be used as separate maps or joined to create larger maps of New Zealand. Each map is extensively indexed with named rural roads. Available in 18 regional sheets or North and South Island books.- These maps are ideal for people biking New Zealand

  • Marine Charts
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Showing 1 - 24 of 506 items