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    Having a pet is a key part of being a New Zealander. However we are responsible for making sure that our companion is not a nuisance to others. Now, how do you think your neighbours would feel if they are subjected too the noise of constant dog barking. Even while most of us are not home during the day, there are many people who are like; shift workers such as Paramedics, policemen and nurses who try and rest during the day as they have work at night, elderly people who have a rest during the day, students who need to concentrate to prepare for exams or even someone home due to illness. Yes, barking is a natural form of behaviour for a dog. A dog that barks to give warning of an intruder or a danger, or to communicate his joy to his master, is simply expressing his emotional state.


    However, if your dog forms the habit of barking at the slightest external provocation, this behaviour becomes unacceptable. So that’s why we are hear to help you.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 26 items