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  • Carhartt

    Carhartt manufactures premium clothing known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance.

    Back in 1889, Hamilton Carhartt began making workwear with a single goal in mind: to set a standard of excellence to which all others would aspire. Starting with only four sewing machines and five employees, the first products manufactured were overalls in duck and denim fabrics. With entrepreneurial vision and determination, Hamilton Carhartt established a brand that has withstood the test of time.

    125 years later, we continue to adhere to those same values. We invite you to leave a comment and tell us your Carhartt story. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Kia Kaha

    Kia Kaha is an iconic Kiwi brand known for impeccable quality of design, quality of product, and quality of service.

    Kia Kaha was started in 1994 and for the past 19 years the vision for the brand has remained the same.  The vision of Kia Kaha is to positively endorse New Zealand Maori culture and art nationally and internationally. Our aim is to share the beauty,tradition and culture of New Zealand and Maori with the world, promoting the art and design and unifying New Zealanders.

    Kia Kaha designs are unique and inspiration is drawn from traditional Maori imagery and artwork. Kia Kaha tells a story rich in culture and heritage, a story to be embraced by all.

    Kia Kaha promotes a strong sense of confidence and pride in New Zealanders of all racial backgrounds and an awareness around Maori culture.

  • Outdoor Connection

    Outdoor Connection LogoOutdoor Connection New Zealand is a Hamilton based company that wholesales camping equipment and various outdoor gear products, as well as operating a manufacturing and repair facility.

    They pride themselves in providing premium quality outdoor products at the best possible price.  There products are not only the best in quality but are practical, reliable and innovative.

    Camping is one of life’s simplest pleasures and many kiwis have wonderful memories of camping with friends and family at the beach or in the bush.  Our dedicated team love camping as much as you do and we draw on our experiences when developing our extensive range of products.

    As well as using the products ourselves, we are constantly researching and listening to the needs of campers.  With this knowledge we identify areas in need of improvement and set about developing new and innovative products with practical features to meet those needs.

    An excellent camping product should be:  

    • Simple and quick to erect or put together, to allow you more time to relax

    • Strong, to withstand the rigors of camping

    • Reliable, so it does not fail you when you need it most

    • Excellent value for your hard earned dollars

  • Camelbak

    "Hydrate or Die" Camelbak's mantra couldn't be more true when exploring the outdoors. The Camelbak range of hydration packs and bottles not only keep you hydrated, but many Camelbak's offer enough space for spare clothing, food, tools and any other essentials you may need!

  • Lonely Planet Books

    Lonely Planet is renowned for its first-hand approach, up-to-date maps and commitment to providing the best information for travellers.

    Accurate, practical information

    Lonely Planet authors are experienced, insightful travel experts. They personally research the places they write about - both in the first and in subsequent editions - and provide essential travel details along with a wealth of insider information and first-hand tips. For more information about how Lonely Planet research their guides, check out the How to make a guidebook page.

    Impartial recommendations

    Lonely Planet guidebooks contain no advertising. Lonely Planet authors are not allowed to accept free accommodation or meals in exchange for favourable write-ups, so their recommendations are honest and objective.

    Best-value tips

    Lonely Planet recommends a wide range of options so that travellers can get the most out of their time and money, whether they're travelling on a shoestring or an expense account.

    Indispensable maps

    Lonely Planet maps are researched on the road by the authors - often in areas for which no other maps exist. Then Lonely Planet's cartographers use state-of-the-art technology to create detailed, easy-to-read maps. Lonely Planet guides contain more maps than any other guidebooks.

    Language guidance

    Lonely Planet books contain keywords, basic grammar and phrases in local languages. When necessary, guidebooks include the names of places, restaurants and hotels in local script.

    Health and safety advice

    Lonely Planet offers accurate, practical advice for travelling safely in all destinations. We also provide valuable tips for staying healthy and essential information on what to do in an emergency.

    Background information

    Lonely Planet believes that the more travellers know about the people and places they're visiting, the more they'll enjoy their trip and the less negative impact their presence will have. To this end, the guidebooks offer information on customs, etiquette, history, religion, art and politics.

    Sturdy construction

    Lonely Planet guidebooks are built for the road, with laminated covers and spine-stitched bindings that won't fall apart with heavy use or inclement conditions.

  • Ultimate Survival...
  • Princeton Tec

    At Princeton Tec has been pioneering new technologies and building lights since 1975.  The literally make the world's bes lights through. Consulting with  great athletes who have scaled mountains, traversed the poles, touched the ocean floors and rolled two wheels on every continent. Princeton Tec is constantly inspired by what our ever evolving environments have to offer and the human spirit that challenges us to tackle them. This spirit, our spirit, motivates them to push there technology and design, so that we can ensure that you have, not only the best lighting solutions, but solutions where technology is applied and the performance makes sense for how you use them.

  • Boonies

    Some peple belive Boonies will be one of the most comfortable pair of boots you will ever own.

    Boonies design is contoured to the foot for ultra-comfort. Beginning with a roomy toe box,  the last is wider through the forefoot, supportive in the arch, and narrows in the heel.  This combination accommodates a greater range of widths and lengths, superseding the need for half sizes and widths. 

    If you are a ½ size, we recommend that you move up to the next full size to allow proper air flow.

  • Ridgeline

    With grass roots in the rugged New Zealand Mountains, Ridgeline has developed a specialist range of fabrics to suit just about any challenge your environment can throw at you. With the characteristic Ridgeline 'Big Four'- Warmth, Comfort, Durability & Functionality, combined with superior designs and its own 'Hide & Seek' Buffalo Camo, Ridgeline is a market leader and the choice of many hunting and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

    All Ridgeline of NZ products are warranted against faulty materials and workmanship. Ridgeline will honour our obligations as stated in the Consumer Guarantees Act. These need to be taken back to the retailer they were purchased from to process your claim. All products must be laundered / cleaned before returning, else they will be returned immediately.

  • Hutchwilco
  • Go Native

    Go Native make delicious meals ready to fuel your adventures from the mountains to the sea. Perfect for Camping, Tramping, Hiking, Hunting, Biking, Running or even as a emergency pack. 

    Go Native is trusted and enjoyed by Global Emergency Services, World Champions, Olympians, National Sports Teams, Antarctic Scientists, Extreme Adventurers, Active Children and Health Hunters.

  • Lifesystems

    Lifesystems are a British company whois part of a 50-person team of product developers and true travel experts, supplying expedition gear to specialist retailers in more than 40 countries worldwide. As a team that experiences the urge to throw ourselves headlong into adventure on a frequent basis ourselves, we know how to make kit that’s right for the job. designed and developed using cutting edge materials and techniques. Every design has been deeply considered to help you get the best out of life’s adventures, no matter how big or small.

  • Lifeventure

    Lifeventure products are British-designed and developed using cutting edge materials and techniques. Every design has been deeply considered to help you get the best of life’s adventures, no matter how big or small. Giving you the freedom and confidence to live adventurously with exceptional travel and outdoors products.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 125 items